Don't Risk a Faulty Septic System Installation

Don't Risk a Faulty Septic System Installation

Speak with an experienced sewer contractor in Canaan, ME

Your septic system is responsible for removing the waste from your home and breaking it down in a safe area. Your septic system can last for decades with no major repair issues-but only if it's installed correctly. If it's not, you might find yourself facing backed up drains, flooded backyards and costly repairs.

P.J. Digs, INC. offers septic system installation services in the Canaan, ME area. Rely on our experienced specialists to build your private septic system the right way-without cutting corners.

Contact P.J. Digs today to ask about our septic system installation services. You can schedule an appointment with a reliable sewer contractor in Canaan, ME at your convenience.

Create a septic system that's right for your home

P.J. Digs can handle the entire septic installation process, including the design process, without a problem. When you reach out to us about a private sewer system, we will:

  • Inspect your property
  • Work with your site evaluators to choose the proper sewer system
  • Bring our site evaluator to help design your septic system
  • Test your soil quality
  • Design a full system based on your land and house size
  • Begin construction right away

To speak with a sewer contractor about your septic system, reach out to P.J. Digs now. We'll get started on your private system right away.