Create a Foundation That's Built to Last

Create a Foundation That's Built to Last

Get started on your new home lot in Canaan, ME and surrounding areas

When it comes to your new home foundation, you can't afford to hire inexperienced builders. You need to work with a team that not only has house lot foundation preparation experience, but also understands the kind of land you own. P.J. Digs, INC. has over 60 years of experience working in Canaan, ME and the greater Skowhegan area. You can count on us to set you up for success when it comes to a strong foundation for your home or business. We dig the hole that is needed to lay the foundation on a new house lot.

Call 207-431-4299 now to learn more about our new construction foundation services. We will help you get from raw land to a finished landscape for your new home lot. We'll come to your location in the Canaan, ME and surrounding greater Skowhegan area right away.

Prep your new home lot for construction

P.J. Digs can do more than just prepare for your new home foundation. We also offer a variety of construction prep services, including:

  • Land clearing
  • Driveway and walkway construction
  • Water and sewer system prep
  • Lawn construction

Contact us today to take advantage of our prep services. Once we complete your new construction foundation, we'll create a vibrant lawn for your home using crushed, high-quality aggregate as the base.