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Finally, after months of waiting, it's time to move into your new home. You bring in your furniture, set up your kitchen and spend the rest of the week unpacking. But, something about your home feels off, and you can't quite put your finger on it. Then, as you're walking across your floors one day, it hits you-your house is slanted.

If you don't build your home on a stable foundation, you'll run into a costly problem like that down the line. P.J. Digs, INC. offers a variety of excavation and concrete services, including foundation preparation, in Canaan, ME. You can count on us to start the preparation process for a foundation that will last a lifetime.

Call 207-431-4299 now to speak with one of our foundation contractors in Canaan, ME. We'll take care of everything, from your septic system to your driveway.

P.J. Digs is your one stop shop for crushed aggregate

Do you need crushed aggregate for your new home lot?

P.J. Digs has all of the crushed aggregate you need, either rock or gravel, for your construction project. We specialize in crushed aggregate for your site work no matter the size of the job. We can supply crushed aggregate for a small residential project all the way up to a large commercial job. Need delivery? No problem, if you purchase aggregate from P.J. Digs we can deliver to your construction site. You can also come to our site, choose the aggregate you want to purchase then load up your truck.

Call 207-431-4299 or 207-474-9700 now to learn more about P.J. Digs and the aggregate for sale. You'll see why clients chose us for all their crushed aggregate needs in Canaan, ME. We service Canaan, ME and the greater Skowhegan area.

Why choose P.J. Digs?

P.J. Digs takes pride in our knowledgeable, versatile team of specialists. In addition to foundation construction, you can come to us for:

  • Sewer installation and repair
  • Land clearing
  • Driveway construction
  • Construction site prep
  • Commercial snow and ice removal

To learn more about our sewer installation services, contact P.J. Digs today. We'll gladly answer your questions.

P.J. Digs, INC. is dedicated to providing superior excavation and concrete services to clients in Canaan, ME and the surrounding area. You can count on us to clear your land and build a strong home foundation because:

  • We're experienced-we've served the Canaan, ME community for over 60 years
  • We're professional-our specialists are always prompt, friendly and highly skilled
  • We're local-P.J. Digs is a family-owned and -operated business that supports our community at every opportunity

Call 207-431-4299 or 207-474-9700 now to learn more about P.J. Digs. You'll see why clients chose us out of all the other foundation contractors in Canaan, ME.